At Valnet Telecommunication we use our agile technology, sales, management and field people to empower our customers-and link them to vital digital services, essential information systems, rich entertainment and gaming outlets and powerful productivity tools.

We can help you re-craft your online experience with faster, easier and more secure tools and systems- and we can do so in small town, rural and big city settings; we’ve done so for almost a quarter century. We bring the latest innovations to your home or business. Our goal is to provide you with bandwidth, software, hardware, and other assets now critical to your everyday family and business experiences.

We also believe in empowering the communities we serve, which we show through our participation in business development, social service and youth projects and a passel of other activities. And through the Federal E-rate program, we help schools and libraries lower the cost of giving students first rate exposure to the digital world.

And please consider our speedy G4 connectivity offerings- a widely available offering for qualified business customers and for a hosts of our small town and rural customers.

Experience Total Mobility
A New Valnet Path To Radically Simplifying Your World

Workings as a solo professional or a member of a small, but always multi-tasking team in our still new century, can be tough.

We have a host of inexpensive, hyper-practical services that can augment your competitive wattage and help you cope with chaos. We offers a rich array of affordable support services including items that can simplify and lower a host of essential items-including your phone costs, access to the international business world and your every day communications with staff, customers and other businesses. And we can help with file management, backup and emergency archival work, and we can handoff web presence boosting items and server co-locations for space constrained offices – all part of what we call our Total Mobility Service. Total Mobility is a cost effective suite of solutions all designed to lower costs and simplify staff usage of digital communications and file management tools.

We believe these offerings can improve your capacity to adapt, rapidly scale up operations and better engage your customers, family and associates. Packages include Business or Dedicated Internet Access, Hosted PBX (Enterprise Calling) Solutions, Voice Over Internet (VoIP) Phone Services, VoIP Equipment Endpoint hardware and Centralized Business Wifi Networking and Managed Router services. We can also hook you up to our highly experienced network consulting services and field engineering crew.

If there’s something you don’t see or have questions about, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always available for you. Call us at 888-332-1616 today!
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