Valnet Webmail Help

You may check your email from anywhere via our web based email system.  There are two options to choose from – Classic Webmail Interface (SquirrelMail) or the New Webmail Interface (Roundcube).

Both of these interfaces may be used for email addresses at, and

To log in, use your full email address for the username, and your email password in the “Password” field.

If you are on a dial up connection, you may have better performance if you use Classic Webmail.

Wireless and DSL users can use either Classic or New without performance issues.

Classic Email Login screenshot (click image to enlarge)



New Webmail Login screenshot (click image to enlarge)

Once you are logged in, you can send, receive email and attachments just as you would from other email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird.

For classic webmail, you can also access detailed support documents after you log in:

Classic (SquirrelMail) webmail support documentation

New (Roundcube) webmail video tutorial:

For more email support questions and answers, please see our email support FAQ section.