Network Management Policy

Pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission’s enacted Open Internet Rules found in the Code of Federal Regulations, Valnet  Holdings, LLC ‘s(hereafter “Valnet”) policies regarding network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms are provided so that Valnet’s current customers, prospective customers, third-party content providers and other interested parties can make informed choices regarding the broadband Internet access services offered by Valnet, and the extent Valnet’s network management practices may affect those services.

A. Description of Broadband/Internet Service

Valnet’s service of  Broadband or Internet Service (hereafter “Broadband”) is comprised of the following:

1. Transport of data from the customer’s location to the Internet backbone and

2. Content of the public Internet.

Valnet purchases transport to and content from the Internet backbone terminating Kansas and other jurisdictions . Valnet then resells the content of the Internet as a shared service between Valnet’s customers. Valnet also provides transport of the Internet data from its switching offices to its customers. The extent individual customers use Broadband may affect the online experience of other customers. Customer experience may also be affected by congestion on the Internet backbone, transport capacity, server loading on the far end, and the ability of customer equipment to process and display Internet traffic.

B. Network Management Practices

In the interest of providing the best online experience possible for all of Valnet’s customers, Valnet utilizes reasonable network management practices tailored to achieve legitimate network management purposes. Because bandwidth is a limited resource for Broadband users, it is essential that Valnet reasonably manages its network to promote the use of the Internet by all of Valnet’s customers.  By engaging in reasonable and responsible network management, Valnet limits its customers from being subjected to the negative effects of spam, viruses, security attacks, network congestion, and other risks that threaten to degrade service. We believe our network management practices are consistent with industry standards.

1. Congestion

Valnet may employ congestion management tools, practices and/or software on individual customer traffic and Valnet may segregate segments of its network and may use tools to balance the traffic on segments.

2. Application Specific Behavior

Valnet does not make use of any application specific network management practices.  Valnet does not favor, modify, inhibit, rate control or block any specific protocols, or any applications or classes of applications. However Valnet does deny traffic to an industry standard list of ports that are well known for the spread of viruses and for denial of service attacks. Please contact us if you need more information about port blocking.

3. Device Attachment

In order for a device to be used on the Valnet’s network, the device must conform to publicly available industry standards and be non-harmful to Valnet’s network.

4. Use of Security

Valnet offers its customers unrestricted access to all of the lawful content, services, and applications available on the Internet.  Valnet uses industry standard tools and generally accepted best practices and policies to help protect our customers from spam, phishing, and other unwanted or harmful online content and activities.  In the instances where these tools and policies identify online content as harmful or unwanted, the content may be prevented from reaching customers, or customers may be permitted to identify or inspect content to determine if it is harmful or unwanted.

C. Performance Characteristics

The advertised speed of Valnet’s Broadband service is the download speed setting specified in the transport equipment. Transport technologies differ in the way they set the speed of service to customers. Thus the advertised speed may not be attainable for customers depending on the type technology used. Speed to a computer will decrease if the customer uses their Broadband for multiple computers. The capability of end user’s computer and router may affect performance. All our customers’ activity during peak usage periods and all connections to the far end point will affect speed.

The latency and speeds achieved with Valnet’s Internet service offering make Valnet’s Internet service suitable for real-time applications.

D. Commercial Terms

1. Pricing

In order to meet the usage and budgetary needs of our customers, Valnet offers a selection of broadband Internet access plan options. To see Valnet’s current pricing on Broadband service, please visit or call 1-888.332.1616.

2. Early Termination Fees

If a customer enters into a service agreement with Valnet for Broadband service for a defined service term, and customer desires to terminate the service agreement prior to the expiration of that term, Valnet may charge a reasonable early termination fee.

3. Usage Based Fees

Valnet’s Broadband service is priced on a flat-fee basis (plus applicable taxes).  Valnet does not charge end users a usage-based fee for Internet service.

E. Privacy Policy

Valnet affords full access to all lawful content, services and applications available on the Internet and does not routinely monitor, inspect or store the network activity and traffic of its Internet service users.  However, Valnet reserves the right to monitor bandwidth, usage, transmissions and content for purposes of protecting the integrity of the network and Valnet’s Broadband service through reasonable network management practices.

Valnet may collect equipment information to identify the equipment a customer is using on the network, including, but not limited to: equipment type, serial number, settings, configuration and software.  Valnet may also collect performance information to examine the operation of the equipment, services and applications the customer may use on the network, including, but not limited to: IP addresses, MAC addresses, URLs, data transmission rates and latencies, location information, security characteristics, and information about the amount of bandwidth and other network resources customer is using in connections with uploading, downloading or streaming data to and from the Internet.

Network traffic, activity, performance information, and equipment information monitored or collected by Valnet is done so for the sole purpose of reasonable network management purposes.

Valnet is required to comply with relevant laws, regulations and judicial orders. Information covered under this Privacy Policy, as well as other categories of information, may be disclosed to third parties if Valnet determines, in its sole discretion, that such a disclosure is necessary or required.  Valnet may also disclose this information if, in its sole discretion, such a disclosure is necessary or required to protect our interests or the interests of our customers.   Valnet may also disclose this information in connection with the sale of our business.

Valnet’s network management practices as discussed herein are intended solely to provide the best online experience possible for all of Valnet’s customers by safeguarding our network and its users from spam, viruses, phishing, and other unwanted or harmful online content and activities.  Valnet’s network management practices are not intended, nor implemented, to block consumers from accessing the content and applications of their choice, deprive consumers of their entitlement to competition, or discriminate against or in favor of certain network traffic.  End users with questions, concerns or complaints regarding Valnet’s network management practices are encouraged to contact us for issue resolution.

F. Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Valnet’s Network Management Practices Policy or would like to file a complaint with Valnet regarding its network management practices, please contact us at:   1.888.332.1616

G. Reporting a Violation

If you believe that Valnet is in violation of the FCC’s Open Internet Rules, please contact us. You may file either an informal or formal complaint with the FCC at

H. Additional Disclaimers

The Open Internet Rules, as adopted, and Valnet’s Network Management Practices Policy are not intended to affect, alter or otherwise supersede the legal status of cooperative efforts by broadband Internet access service providers and other service providers that are designed to curtail infringement in response to information provided by rights holders in a manner that is timely, effective, and accommodates the legitimate interests of providers, rights holders, and end users.

Also, the Open Internet Rules, as adopted, and Valnet’s Network Management Practices Policy do not prohibit Valnet from making reasonable efforts to address the transfer of unlawful content or unlawful transfers of content. For additional information, please review Valnet’s Acceptable Internet Use Policy/Subscriber Agreement at Valnet.

In addition, Valnet has other terms and procedures that are available to the public as posted at  Furthermore, Valnet does not discriminate in any way in providing internet service to the public and is in compliance or desires to reasonably be in compliance with any and all FCC regulations.