Service TypeSpeeds OfferedPriceAdditional ServicesContractOrder Now!
G3 Wireless
(Subject to Availability)
1.5Mbps, 3Mbps, 6Mbps Prices starting at $49.95/month
($39.95/month in Coffey County)
Up to 10 additional E-mail addresses FREE
G4 Wireless
(Subject to Availability)
5Mbps, 10Mbps, 15Mbps, 25MbpsPricing varies by location. Up to 10 additional E-mail addresses FREE
G4 Business Wireless
(Subject to Availability)
10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30MbpsPrices Starting at $89.95/monthUp to 10 additional E-Mail addresses FREE
Business Priority Support
More upload bandwidth than Residential services.
DialupUp to 56 KbpsOnly $19.95/monthUp to 10 additional E-mail addresses FREENo
Fiber Services5Mbps to 10GbpsBusiness addresses only.
For a quote, please call us at 888-332-1616
Unlimited Email Addresses
Prioritized technical support
Dedicated Wireless
(Subject to Availability)
Speeds vary by location. Business addresses only.
For a quote, please call us at 888-332-1616
Unlimited Email Addresses
Prioritized technical support
Custom packages of services at huge cost savings make business sense.For a cost-saving quote, call 888-332-1616Wireless, Fiber, Cable, VoIP Internet Phone, Cisco Digital Phones, vFAX, Cloud PBX, Cloud Backup, Cloud Sync, Web HostingYes
Webhosting & Domain Registration - Valnet offers webhosting and domain registration as a high quality service at a reasonable price.
Valnet Cloud Backup - Valnet also offers a secure offline backup solution, so that you can keep your most important files safe. It's peace of mind for about a dollar per gig.
Server Colocation - If you're looking to host a server and are in need of a high speed data connection, then server colocation may be just what you need.

Broadband Internet access provides instant Internet and network access at speeds dozens of times faster than a dialup modem on a standard analog phone line. There are no dial-up delays, no busy signals. What used to take minutes or hours to accomplish will take just seconds or minutes.

With broadband Internet service you can download graphics-heavy files, large documents, software updates, photos, email attachments, and more, instantly. It’s perfect for real-time interactive multimedia, broadcast quality video, distance learning, and video-on-demand. Because DSL sends data and voice over the same line, you can talk on the phone while you are using the Internet, and Wireless doesn’t even use a phone line at all.

DSL Broadband brings high-bandwidth connectivity to you over ordinary copper telephone lines. Valnet DSL is a type of DSL known as Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL). It’s called “asymmetric” because the speed of the receiving data (the downstream rate to your computer) is different than the speed of sending data (the upstream rate from your computer to the Internet). While it uses a different technology than traditional analog modems, the ADSL modem plugs into your phone jack much like an analog modem.

Wireless Broadband brings the same high-bandwidth connectivity to you as DSL, but without using a phone line. Valnet Wireless Broadband utilizes 2.4Ghz microwave signals to deliver service to your home or business through equipment mounted on the outside of your building, usually at a high point such as the peak of the roof or an existing antenna mast or tower.

Broadband allows you to surf the Internet, connect to your corporate network, download files to your computer with amazing speed, and use streaming audio and video.

Unlike the dial-up connections required for analog modems, your Broadband connection can be turned on almost instantly. Since broadband is always available, there’s no more busy signals and no more waiting for the connection to happen – it’s there at the click of your mouse. If you do turn your PC off, it’s quick and easy to log back on — no more long waits as your analog modem establishes its connection.

In addition, with the use of a router there’s no need to ‘connect’ at all; the router does it all for you. If your computer is on, you’re connected to the Internet!

When you buy Broadband Internet service from Valnet you are putting our experience and quality on your side. Valnet  provides only the highest quality of products to our customers. Valnet is a company that is large enough to serve you, but small enough to care about each customer! Our small town attitude provides friendly support and a willingness to help that is missing from large companies.

Valnet support is also provided by local Kansas support staff – not overseas staff like some providers.

For DSL Service you can order service online, or call us at 888-332-1616 to order over the phone. You must meet the Service Availability requirements for DSL service in your area.

For Wireless Service, submit a service request online, or call us at 888-332-1616 to request service over the phone. You must reside within our service footprint.

A DSL Modem is required to use DSL service – your dial-up modem will not work for DSL. You are not required to purchase a DSL modem from Valnet. Any modem supporting G.Lite may be used, though not all modems may be compatible with the DSLAM you are connected to.  Valnet offers very competitively priced DSL modems:

Dedicated Services are intended for business use and generally not suitable for residential installation and may be delivered via Fiber or Wireless connectivity.

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DSL services are restricted by the length of your phone line. Higher speeds require shorter lines, but the standard service tier is available to most people. You must also have a qualifying phone line or be served by a carrier that supports “Dry Line” DSL (Verizon). DSL Services are available in these areas where AT&T, Verizon, or Covad local telephone service is available.

To check for service availability on your phone line visit our order page and fill out the form there, or call us at (888) 332-1616.

Wireless service availability is highly dependent on location. Service is available up to about 6 to 8 miles (sometimes further, if you have an antenna tower) from our transmission towers. Wireless service is also impacted by any trees, buildings, or earth in the signal path between your home or business and our transmission tower.

To order wireless service, fill out a service request form. We’ll look up your address to find GPS coordinates for your location (if we can’t find it, we’ll call you). Once we’ve determined your location we’ll use modeling software to combine topographic and RF data together to predict service availability at your specific location. Of course, this can’t take tree cover and adjacent buildings into account. If the qualification shows that service should be available at your location, one of our friendly customer service representatives will call to schedule service installation.