Server Colocation

In some cases, shared hosting just isn’t the right solution for your business website or email needs. However, if you don’t have a leased line such as a T1 or a dedicated wireless connection you may not be willing to trust your servers’ availability to on-site commodity service availability. In such cases, server co-location is a great solution. If you don’t have a server to co-locate, no problem! We can also provide a server for rent (requires term commitment).

Server colocation is an arrangement whereby we provide space and bandwidth in our data center for you to bring (or ship to us) a server and place it in our data center. This server is YOUR property, and we do NOT have access to your server unless you choose to provide it. We are responsible for providing battery-backed AC power to your system, including generator backup power. There is no commitment or contract required, all you need to do is contact us and inquire about server colocation. Once your account is set up either bring your server to our office, or have it shipped to our location. Resources are purchased on a block basis, the most common question we get is “Is 500GB of data transfer enough?”. The best way to answer that is to say that all four Valnet hosting servers use about half of that per month. In short, you can do a lot of things with 500GB per month! Of course, it does depend how busy your website is, but we estimate that this amount of bandwidth would amply supply the vast majority of colocation customers.

Pricing is based on physical space used in the data center, as well as power and bandwidth consumption. Our pricing is very competitive – give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.
Data Transfer500GB500GB500GB500GB500GB
Port Speed10Mbps10Mbps10Mbps10Mbps10Mbps
IP AddressesOneOneOneOneOne
Remote Power Managment*IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Generator Backup Power**IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
* Remote Power Management: This feature provides web based remote access to our power management console. From this site, you can physically turn power to your server on or off.

** Our data center backup power is a utilities fueled natural gas powered generator.

Data Transfer$10/month per 100GB
IP Addresses$5/month for each
Onsite Backup$25/month
Offsite BackupUsage Based
100Mbps Port$20/month

  • Server Colocation does not include server management services such as replacing hardware or making configuration changes. These services are available during normal hours for a fee of $50/hr with a one hour minimum. Outside of normal hours, these services are $75/hr.
  • Systems exhibiting worm/hacker infection will be removed from the network IMMEDIATELY.
  • Sending SPAM is absolutely not tolerated. Any colocation customer found to be knowingly sending SPAM will immediately have their service terminated.
  • “Data Transfer” is defined as the sum total of inbound and outbound traffic, in bytes.