How fast is your internet?

It is high speed in both directions and is not affected by “rain fade” like satellite signals can be. Wireless Internet is about 20-35 times faster than typical Dial-up through the phone lines.

Do I need a phone line?


Will weather affect my Internet connection?

While normal weather conditions like rain or thunderstorms will not impact your service, power outages or severe weather, like lightning and ice, can impact your service.

What about nearby trees?

Any obstruction that blocks the radio signal can prevent you from receiving service. Your installer will determine this and advise you of his findings. Tree leaves block the signal. This becomes especially important when installations are performed during the winter months and then the leaves return to the trees in the spring.

Can I use more than one computer?

Yes. The easiest way to do this is to use a Wireless Router. We do provide one to you and your Technician will install it for you.

Can I get Internet Radio?


Can I watch YouTube?

Yes. Check out our channel while you are there – Valnet Communications

Can I watch Netflix or Hulu video?

Will Windows Update work?

Can I play online games?

Can I get Internet TV (IPTV)?

What do the different services cost?

Is the equipment covered by a warranty?

What equipment do you support?

Are there any data caps per month?